I just want to say my experience with Dr. Bhalla has been nothing but positive. From the first time I met him I definitely felt his concern. I came in with pain to my lower back. After looking at my X-rays, he found that I had no cartilage in my L4 and L5. This was causing numbness in my toes and tingling of my feet when I stood up and walked after sitting for awhile. He referred me to do physical therapy. This option I felt did not help. Then Dr. Bhalla suggested I get an epidural. During the procedure I felt Dr. Bhalla really wanted to help relieve the discomfort I was feeling. After receiving the epidural, it helped relieve some of the discomfort but I was still feeling pain. So I opted to get the surgery. Dr. Bhalla did a L4/5 and L5/S1 anterior lumbar interbody fusion with insertion of biomechanical cages, allograft, fluoroscopy L5 partial corpectomy. Stage 2 L4-S1 posterior spinal percutaneous instrumented fusion. This procedure pretty much relieved all pain and numbness. I'm still recovering but I am back to exercising. Dr. Bhalla is an awesome doctor. I definitely would recommend him to anyone who is having back issues. Thank you Dr. Bhalla for curing my back and giving me my active lifestyle back!!

Michelle Fajardo