“I had pain for quite some time and couldn't shake it. Tried every kind of muscle relaxant, pain killer, anti-anxiety med, weekly acupuncture, chiropractor, yoga, and lost 20 pounds. My right leg and back hurt EVERYDAY and eventually the leg went numb making it hard to balance.

On the recommendation of a co-worker, I met Dr. Bhalla. Tall, handsome, great smile. His promise: ‘we're gonna work together to get you better.’ We did everything possible to avoid the "s" word, but I was getting worse. Not his first suggestion, but the final, inevitable decision was a lumbar laminectomy L4-L5 posterior lumbar instrumented fusion L4-L5.

Nervous as I was, I trusted Dr. Bhalla. I came through the surgery with some pain, less than two days later, I went home. Two days later I could walk slowly to the restroom with no assistance getting up. Everyday, yes EVERYDAY, I progressed. I felt so much better, By a week and a half, I walked a 1/4 mile, then 1/2 mile and now I do a mile every other day. I'm back at work after being off just seven weeks. No restrictions.

From Dr. Bhalla to the receptionists, the secretaries, nurses, X-ray, MRI, housekeeping, and the schedulers, everyone has been kind, courteous, informative, trustworthy, empathetic, friendly, responsive, patient, had great bedside manner, honest and great listeners. No more pain on the weaker (right) leg. I'd say I'm a success! And the bonus, I get a smile and the same care from Dr. Bhalla with every follow-up visit.”

D B.
Carson, CA