I had an issues in my left shoulder that generated pain down to my left elbow as well as down to my left scapula. Pain meds didn't help. They only lower the intensity. I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon whose specialty is knees and shoulders. His diagnosis was an impingement of the shoulder. After physical therapy treatments and other non-surgical remedies, nothing stopped the pain. I was told I had a neck problem. He referred me to Dr. Bhalla, a Spine Surgeon. I felt he must be pretty damn good if a known Surgeon was recommending another known Surgeon. After a thorough exam that included an MRI, his diagnosis was a herniated disc in my neck that was resting on a nerve. I inquired of the options. He said none, unless you can live with the pain. He said check the internet or other doctors and let me know what you find. I did and found no conflicts. Dr. Bhalla performed surgery on the spine of my neck through an incision under my chin. After an over night stay in the hospital, I was discharged and haven't had an ounce of pain since the surgery including pain from the surgery itself.

B H.
Lakewood, CA