“I can't say enough about the spine surgery that Dr. Bhalla did for me on March 20, 2017. At our first meeting, he went over my MRI with me and explained the problem I was having. He recommended surgery as the only way to relieve the pain I was having, so we set up the surgery for March 20, 2017.

I was not looking forward to surgery, as I had spine surgery 4 years earlier and still remember the pain and problems I had during the recovery period.

My surgery was done at Memorial Hospital, prior to surgery I attended a spine surgery class and toured the new 4th floor spine, hip and knee rooms, all of which are single rooms. I also met Maria, the physical therapist for the floor. The surgery took a couple of hours and I was soon in my room recovering, I was encouraged to dress in my own clothes, and Maria came by and encouraged me to get up and walk, which I am sure helped my recovery,

Long story short, Dr. Bhalla did a wonderful job, he put me at ease and I am doing great, two weeks after the surgery, I am walking with no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Bhalla to anyone who needs spine surgery.”

S J.
Long Beach, CA